working with Koding

So, most days I work with a Chromebook, which I think is pretty cool. Unfortunately for expediency, what you are reading right now is a GitHub-hosted Jekyll blog, which means that I needed to setup Ruby and Jekyll and many other things on a machine. Basically, it meant that I needed to have a machine with local storage whenever I wanted to edit my blog...which doesn't work so well with my Chromebook.

Enter Koding, a cloud-based development platform (!). Check it:

Koding VMs, the little green box(es) on the sidebar, run Ubuntu Linux (14.04) and are fully functional development machines (just like your own computer). You can write code in any programming language that is supported by Ubuntu/Linux.

Ruby, perl, gcc, python, php, go, node, etc. are all preinstalled on your VM! You can start writing code right away without the need for new installs! If something is not installed, getting it installed is as easy as 1-2-3.

Pretty cool. In fact, I installed Jekyll on a virtual machine minutes ago and published this page in my Koding workspace.